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Blacklining InDesign CC2020

Finally it’s done, thanks for waiting!
The Mac version release can be found here Blacklining InDesign_CC2020_Mac

The Windows version expected Late November 2020

Blacklining QuarkXPress 2020

It’s almost done, thanks for waiting slightly longer!
The Mac pre-release can be found here Blacklining QuarkXPress 2020

Blacklining for QuarkXPress & InDesign

Blacklining works with QuarkXPress or InDesign to allow a user to retain a complete revision history of all changes made to text. Those who work with financial, legal, medical and other exact documentation will find this an essential tool.

Blacklining is approved for use in new listing and other documentation submitted to many of the world’s stock exchanges including the London, New York, as well as for filings and submissions to the regulatory bodies.

Net Change and Compare Blacklining

The QuarkXPress version of Blacklining has an optionally available a Net Change or Compare View feature in strike view to show only the differences between specific revision cycles from first draft to the final version or any cumulative revisions. This provides a unique feature of tracking different revision cycles, showing a complete history of all the text changes made to a document as it passes through the revision process as well as a beginning to end comparison.