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Blacklining for
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Adobe InDesign Blacklining for
Adobe InDesign CS5 and CS 5.5.

Updates build 7 and 8 released


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Welcome to the Blacklining Web Site

An audit trail of document changes

Blacklining is a tool for all users who need to provide an audit of text changes in QuarkXPress or InDesign documents.

Essential for critical changes

It is essential for users in financial, legal, reporting, medical and other markets where the tracking of text changes is critical to their business.

Sure you know what's changed?

Regulations now make executives of companies personally responsible for the content in their publications and Blacklining ensures that they are able to be fully secure in the knowledge that they have reviewed all the alterations that may have occurred.

For more information about Blacklining and how it could help your business click here or to download a demo version click here.

Latest Blacklining news

QuarXPress 9

5th November 2012 - Blacklining for QuarkXPress 9 Mac Released and now available.

Blacklining for InDesign CS5
10th October 2012 - New Mac and Win Builds released. Build No 8
Blacklining for InDesign CS 5.5
10th October 2012 - New versions for CS 5.5 launched today. Mac and Windows both available.
Blacklining for QuarkXPress 8
The Macintosh version is now shipping with the compare and net change view included.
Blacklining for InDesign Server
Version 1 available enabling users to open Blacklined files on InDesign Server
Blacklining for InDesign CS 6
Nowreleased Blacklining for CS6 - upgrades from all versions available