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If you have any queries about Blacklining, we would be pleased to assist you. Please look first at the Frequently Asked Questions. If our FAQ do not contain the answer to your query, we would be pleased to help you on a one to one basis.


Please fill in the Request for Support. We will endeavour to come back to you promptly.


Blacklining Frequently Asked Questions


Q) I just received the program, where do I put it?


A) Firstly unzip the file that you have received and look in that folder.


For the Quark Version: you will have 2 Xtensions Blacklining 6/7 and BLKey that you need to copy to the Xtensions folder inside the main QuarkXPress application, the start or restart XPress.


For the InDesign version you will have a folder called Blacklining containing the plug-in. Copy this whole folder to the Plug-Ins folder inside the main InDesign applications and start or restart InDesign.


Q) Why do I get the “Demo” message when I start up?


A) The QuarkXpress version of Blacklining requires the “Key” XTension to be present to turn it from a demo version to a fully functioning program. Check your “Key” XTension is present. On first run you will also need to enter an “activation code” to configure your program. If you bought the program from a distributor then they will have provided you with the Blacklining Key XTension and an activation code separately.


The InDesign version does not have a separate key Plug-In but still has the activation code required on first run.


The activation code is 16 characters (number and letters) and should be keyed in or copied and pasted in to the box at the bottom of the Blacklining info window. To access this window click on our logo in the top right hand corner of the Blacklining Palette.


If you have bought the program from us on-line, your activation code will be on your invoice and sent separately from the Key XTension.


Q) I just installed Blacklining and used it fine. Now though, it is asking for my activation code again?


A) You will have entered the code when logged in as a user and do not have administrator privileges, this means that Blacklining will work for your current session but wont be able to remember the activation code permanently. Log in as Supervisor or Administrator, and then enter the code to have the activation remain permanent.


Q) I don’t have enough space to show all the deleted text – what should I do?


A) You might want to try linking the overmatter to text boxes on the pasteboard or in the margin. Alternatively only have the caret marker showing and the pagination will remain correct. We have developed some tools to help users with this problem, please contact us if you would like to know more.


Q) I get the message ‘Too many users – Blacklining entering demonstration mode’?


A) You have too many installed users running the software against the number of licences that you purchased. You need to increase the number of licenced copies that you have.


Q) How do I increase the number of user licences that I have?


A) Contact us or your dealer, a new activation code can be issued that will increase the number of users licences without the need to install new software.


Q) What are the System Requirements?


A)  Any Mac or Windows OS that allows the host program QuarkXPress or InDesign to run. Some QuarkXPress versions are Mac only. All InDesign versions are cross-platform.


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